Lesbianity for kids

Once upon a time, one little girl came to visit her friend to play prince and princess. The beauty was persistently stolen, but the courageous prince always rescued his loved one. When all the troubles remained behind, weary of their adventures, the prince and the princess fell on the bed and were so happy of their reunion that they could't let each other out of each others embrace.

The little girl liked this part of the game best: kissing and cuddling with her princess always made her feel warm and ticklish inside. And everything would be well, but once, after seeing these games, the girls' parents became very angry. Girls should not be kissing other girls! – Mom said. – Once you will meet a handsome boy, and you will have a lot of beautiful babies. And as for your friend, I forbid you from playing with her!

To be honest, to the little girl, all the boys always seemed nasty and way too loud. Imagining she'd have to live with one of them for the rest of her life, she would immediately break into tears. On the other hand – the girlfriend... so clean, soft and smelling so delicious! Simply scrumptious! “And why do all the other girls discuss those stupid boys all the time?” – thought the little girl, becoming sad. “Is it, that maybe there is something wrong with me?”

Worrying that they would laugh at her, the little girl decided to hide what she thinks about her girlfriend. Now, once she found herself chatting with the other girls, she also began to talk about boys. But somehow, she still remained sad. As she climbed into bed before going to sleep, she squeezed her eyes shut, and here, where she was not seen by anybody, she imagined herself playing with her princess again. "I'm still going to save you, my love!" – she whispered and fell into her most sparkling dreams.